MOMDA RECOMMENDED RELIABLE Chinese online seller - Gu Su Xin Chen Electronic Ltd .
Momda Recommended Reliable Chinese Supplier
MOMDA RECOMMENDED RELIABLE Chinese online seller - Gu Su Xin Chen Electronic Ltd .

MOMDA RECOMMENDED RELIABLE Chinese online seller - Gu Su Xin Chen Electronic Ltd .


Help Chinese Children Baby Teenagers Suffering Leukemia (One kind of Blood Cancer)
Gu Su Xin Chen Electronic Ltd.

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I need help in China

many people hope to get help related to China &Chinese at times,then here we are,here I am now. We'd like to help Any people from Anywhere in the World.

As a sales manager in foreign trading company,I have been getting acquainted with many foreign customers during last 8 years. with many of them I have been developing personal friendships .because of the Language barrier and many other difference, it's not easy for a foreigner to deal with Chinese-related things,even if it's not big,so I have been helping many of them at times(most as non-business things which requires direct communication with Chinese ).

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(Daily life)You need to buy anything (products & Service) from China,We order and mail to you.&Collect retail price range of certain merchadise in certain city&area.
(Business)Sourcing Chinese Products & Suppliers & Producers For you,Pay RMB and Mail to you.
(Daily life)You need to book Hotel or Hour Room,but it's not convenience for some reason
(Business)Seek the Chinese merchandise or Service.
for your personal usage.Negotiate with Chinese Supplier on your behalf
(Daily life) Medical Support, Hospital communication, health related problem.
國內醫療健康相關事宜代理聯繫 (僅限大陸地區,住院事宜僅限江蘇蘇州地區。 )
(Business)Sample Order,Mail Forwarding,Drop Shipping
(Daily life) Questions related to Chinese Dailylife, Geography,crafts,Shopping, Entertainment etc
(Business)Verification of Chinese Supplier's Identification.Trustworthiness
供貨商誠信度驗證 (中國大陸地區)
(Daily life) Contact any Chinese Citizen on your behalf with your specified request,Forward your regards to him(her)
(Business) Chinese Products Quality Verification
(Daily life) Collect informations about any city&town& any places&any specific area in China
中國旅遊資料代理查詢 (僅供學術交流及興趣愛好)
(Business)Follow up your order as your representative in China
訂單代理跟蹤 (中國大陸地區)
(Daily life) Design your tour strategy or Travel plan of certain area.
(Business)Get information about specified Law related to your interested Section.
(Daily life)Collect informations related to Chinese
culture,history etc ,most for your Study&interest.
(Business)Property market,rental rate etc investigation for certain city in China。Get information relating to Stock marketing etc,anything about investment
房產及租賃市場,金融市場等相關調查 (中國大陸地區)
(Daily life) Any Problems you may face when coming into China or communicating with Chinese.... Any trivial needs related to China & Chinese upon your own requirement... (contact) 國內任何相關適應,歡迎來信諮詢 (Business)Any needs related to business&work in China upon your own requirement... (contact)